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United Front Games

Environment Artist, Smash and Grab (2014 - 2016)


Environment Art and Pipeline / Workflow Development

My initial task was to take an area of the game (a New-York style alley in the game's first level, Uptown), and turn it into an example of what can be accomplished using PBR. The overwhelmingly positive response from the team allowed me to create and implement the new workflow and pipeline for the art department moving forward. After adjusting the team to using PBR, Substance Designer and Modular Asset workflows, we were able to produce the game's Environments much more quickly and with a smaller team, saving both time and resources. I was responsible for all Modelling, Sculpting, Texturing, Shading, and some Lighting and FX.


Weapons and Weapon Mods

While working on the Environment Art, I was also asked to produce the art for the game's Weapons. I worked on the Weapons as the concepts were approved, producing them while continuing to work on the Environments. All Modelling, Sculpting, Texturing, and Shading was done by myself.


Materials and Texturing Work

I've always been passionate about Texturing and Materials. I feel like they are often even more important than modelling, especially to convey realism and atmosphere. Weathering, age, damage, and personality are things that can often not be portrayed through modelling alone, and good texturing can tell a story. I believe that understanding the nature of a surface and how it behaves is critical when trying to impart a sense of realism and character.


Shading and Tech Art Beginnings

My first foray into Technical Art began here at United Front Games, learning from other Tech Artists like Nick Williams and Rendering Engineers like Mike Riegger. They helped me understand the basics of Shading, Optimization, FX, and Scripting. It was here I learned that a workplace can be not only fun and collaborative, but also of professional skill advancement through encouraging curiosity and challenging yourself and others, and I have strived to bring this ethos to all my areas of work as a Teacher, Team Leader, Developer, and Mentor.

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