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Ascent Games

Lead Designer, Mannheim (2016 - 2018)

Foray into Game Design and the Exponential Skill Advancement that followed

For two short years I attempted to design, build, and get my own game published. I designed the entire game from scratch and built an initial prototype using Unreal Blueprints in about 3 months. I then secured a small investment to further the project. Joined by 3 friends; an Artist, Animator, and Tech Artist, we built out a more robust multiplayer prototype in the year that followed. I was responsible for the game's overall Design and Direction, Lore, Gameplay Systems, Multiplayer Implementation, Art and Concept Art Direction, Publisher/Investor Relations, pretty much everything except for the Art and Animations themselves. 

While we never found a Publisher to pick up the project, the experience was a positive one and increased my development skills tenfold. I now had a deep understanding of Gameplay Systems, Blueprints, Scripting, rudimentary Programming and Multiplayer Implementation, as well as nearly every aspect of Art and Animation creation and integration. The character customization system that we created was very robust, and would become the base of the Fountain Character Creation System that I built for Hellbent Games.

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